We are the team who organizes, manages and controls the maintenance services for your facilities.
In that way we free your business from ancillary activities.

management of system maintenance

About us

CSI Property Ltd. was founded in 2007. Its main activity is management of maintenance systems of facilities.
In the period from its start until 2011, most of the activities were focused on the management of functional systems of business centers, preventive technical maintenance of large commercial facilities, as well as the projecting and implementation of energy savings on a large technical systems (chillers, air handling units, gas boilers etc. ).

Since 2011, according to market demands, the focus of the business was placed on the establishment of a portfolio of business customers who are in need for services of management of maintenance systems or only maintenance in diversified areas in which they do business: offices, warehouses, private residential buildings and apartments.
Following the requests of clients we organize the concrete execution of certain maintenance services as: current per-call technical maintenance and preventive like cleaning services, transport services, and services of final construction works.

When is the right time
to engage us?

We do all kinds of services of organization, management and control of maintenance of real estate - Facility Management.

You do not have established maintenance system

We will form for you an efficient and sustainable maintenance system, and then we will submit to it you for the further control or we will continue the management if you request it.

You have an established system of maintenance

We will analyze and then enhance your system and make it more efficient. Then we handle over to you the system for further management or we continue our cooperation as the manager of system maintenance.

The client has full freedom to choose the concrete contractor of maintenance services along with our professional support during the selection process (the formation of tender conditions, production of RFI, participation in the selection of contractors and the valorization of the offered solutions, etc.).
Also, we offer to our clients consulting services to improve the efficiency of software installed on individual real estate, and consulting services for the construction of buildings in terms of improving the efficiency of maintenance over the period of the real estate usage.

A contemporary approach to
the management of maintenance systems

The new owner of the company, with experience in the management of maintenance systems (Property & Facility Management) acquired since 2005, launches in 2016 the promotion of the concept of the management of maintenance, presented at the next drawing.

The concept of management of maintenance systems

We represent the concept of management of maintenance systems that relies on the organizational principles and best practices of countries with developed markets of maintenance - Facility and Property Management, adapted to the conditions of our market, with guaranteed quality and dedication to customer demands and expectations - which ultimately leads to increased quality of business and life, preserving and increasing the value of real estate.


Clients may contact us from 0 to 24 hours in any way (by phone, email, in writing and in person).


The allocated resources are not shared across multiple clients / projects / sites.


Our business is all that corporate clients need outside of their core business, and for residential customers all that makes habitation safe and comfortable, with maintaining the value of real estate.

Efficiency and prevention

We're encountering the problems, we are not waiting for the problems to come to us. We constantly improve our work so that we can preform all activities in the best quality, more accessible and faster way. Wherever possible, we try to take advantage of the help of technology, in order not to waste resources on manual labor but on the creative approach to management and control.

The transparency

All events at a facility / equipment or other defined point, are recorded in the application for the monitoring and control of maintenance, which allows the client the insight into the execution of maintenance in real time and it is possible to provide a corresponding report for everything- on activities, speed of reaction and problem solving, predefined maintenance and their implementation.

poziv za uslugu upravljanja sistemima održavanja

The flexibility

Our market is relatively small, resources are limited and to that we all must adapt. We try to adapt the offer to the needs and abilities of clients, without affecting the quality. Commitment is the same both for large corporate clients, as well as for each individual tenant.

Team work

We are very committed to teamwork, we believe that success depends on all team members - irrespective whether it is about our employees or employees of companies with which we cooperate on various projects. Good will is the driving force, but teamwork is what makes quality and a good result.


Our goal is long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation with our clients. We are aware that the price is very crucial position of each business collaboration for all interested parties, and we are always trying to find the balance in this respect.


Measure in all is what defines us - we all live in the same environment, we are partially dependant of it and it to that extent defines the general framework - but it is up to us to arrange things within it in the best possible way at a given time and make changes according to the changing conditions and to what life brings.


Corporate clients


Residential buildings

350 +

Of Performed projects


Quality of services


We are open to any agreement and cooperation. If you have questions for us, proposals, suggestions or comments you can contact us by this contact form. We will respond as soon as possible.

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Gandijeva 11 / 13
New Belgrade

Jurija Gagarina 14i,
Mimoza building, locale no. 8
New Belgrade


+381 11 408 01 84

Mobile phone:

+381 62 231 227


In June 2016, 12 buildings from Belville settlment show confidence in us,
for the services of management of maintenance services, administration and call center.
Here you can see a list consisting of some of our clients:

  • Telenor, Belgrade
  • Telenor Bank AD, Belgrade
  • Beiersdorf, Belgrade
  • Metro Cash and Carry, Belgrade
  • Apex solution Technology (BUS PLUS system provider), Belgrade
  • Mobtel PTT, Belgrade
  • Lafarge BFC, Belgrade
  • Simpo Commerce, Belgrade